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Lepton C.E. Primary Academy

Class 6



Hello again,

I hope that this message finds you all well. I don’t know about you but there are some things I’m enjoying about being away from school but there are others that I’m really missing.

I hope that you have managed to get outside for some fresh air. To try and keep fit indoors I’ve been doing the Joe Wicks workouts which start at 9am every morning on his You Tube channel. You should try them- it has really got me energised for the day ahead.

Here are a few tasks which I would like you to look at this week.

Stay happy and healthy.

Mr Revell



The first task I’d like you to have a go at this week is preparing a meal- only if your parents allow it of course. Cooking is one of the most important skills you can learn- I use it every day and many of you will too as you grow older.

Scrambled eggs on a toast

Equipment required.

Small bowl, fork, frying pan, wooden spoon

Ingredients needed

2 eggs, a small knob of butter or margarine, salt, pepper 15 g of cheese (optional), 25ml milk 2 slices of bread.


  1. Crack both eggs into a bowl (this is quite tricky) sharply tap your egg on the side of the bowl, then using both hands let the egg slip into the bowl- Make sure you don’t get any egg shell in the bowl.
  2. Whisk the egg using your fork.
  3. Add the milk and a small amount of salt and pepper to flavour your eggs.
  4. You don’t have to do this-but I add a small amount of grated cheese this makes the meal a bit less healthy- but I think it adds to the flavour!
  5. Melt a small amount of butter into your frying pan- Ask your parents for help with turning on the hob.
  6. When the butter is sizzling add your egg mix.
  7. Constantly stir the egg mix over the heat. (Chef’s tip- Try and do this on a medium heat- the eggs takes longer and your arm might get a bit more tired but it stops the eggs from having a dry consistency and the end result has a much nicer texture- TRUST ME!
  8. When your eggs look fluffy and yellow and still moist turn off the heat- (Maybe ask your parents to judge your eggs.)
  9. Serve your eggs on two slices of buttered toast- EnjoyIf you like the eggs you can always try different ingredients in there as well- I like to add chives- and if you are feeling a little braver, my favourite is with finely chopped onion, chilli and goats cheese.Have a go- and remember your job is not complete until you have done the washing up as well!!!Even if you don’t have a go at making scrambled eggs, try helping in the kitchen, make your own sandwiches, help with the washing up or with chopping the ingredients. I know some of you are probably experts in the kitchen already- so if you have cooked something more exciting, let me know- or bring in a picture.


Again my maths activity this week will direct you to Espresso- Key Stage 2 Maths-Position and Direction Upper- activities.

Start with the first activity which tests your understanding of how to plot co-ordinates in all four quadrants. Then move along the subsequent activities- these will re-visit the work we have done on translation and reflection this year as well as looking at rotations as well.

Remember- when we are asked for co-ordinates, we go ALONG THE CORRIDOR, THEN UP/DOWN THE STAIRS.


As your next activity,I would like you to play a game looking at your understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages.Espresso- Key Stage 2 Maths- Fractions Decimals and Percentages Upper- activities       

At the bottom of the page are three SNAP games which look at testing your knowledge of equivalent fractions/percentages/decimals. Have a few games at each.

I set the speed timer as fast as it would go, and made a few mistakes. I bet you can do better.


Espresso- Key stage 2 Science Evolution

Within this there are some really interesting videos to watch and fact files to read. Once you have read, watched and digested the information that is there you could try some of the activities.


Diary Entry

We are all very powerless to what is going on at the moment in our country. But ultimately we have to go along with what is being told to us by the government. I am trying to be as positive as possible. I would like you to reflect on this and be really honest. Is there anything that you like about what is happening? Is there anything you are really missing? In a diary style entry could you tell me your thoughts.


Within this diary, you might tell me the things you are doing with your day and how you are spending your time, but you might also let me know how events are making you feel.

TT Rockstars

Get yourself online and challenge your friends in the Arena and keep building you X table knowledge.



Hello Year 6,

I’ve missed you these last few days. I hope you are all well. Below are a list of some school based activities you could have a go at this week. I will be in touch with a few more next Friday.

Stay happy and healthy.

Mr Revell


On Espresso-KS2 maths- algebra- use Find the Value of X as your warm up. I’m sure that once you have finished this you will feel confident to tackle the later steps on this same page.

You have also been given an arithmetic paper which has been sent home. Have a look at this. Give yourself 30 minutes to complete it- however if you need longer take the extra time. Hi-light any questions which you are uncertain about and we can look at them when we get back to school.



On Espresso KS2- Our picks- Rivers

This week I would like you to look back at your knowledge of your Rivers and river. There is some Geographical sorting of rivers to do- which will require you to look in the Atlas(or at a world map online) further to this there are features to identify and quizzes to take.

If you really wish to go for it, you could combine your rivers knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Excel to create a bar chart comparing the lengths of The Nile,The Volga, The Amazon and some of the other rivers mentioned.










































Boris Johnson

Eagle Owl










Sonic the Hedgehog















Can you sort the 24 words in the above grid into the correct word class?

Using these words- and more if you desire- can you create a witty sentence?


Go to topmarks.co.uk- type spelling into your search box- Go to SATS spelling list link- open this and a 2 page grid will appear.

Look through the grid- and find silent letter section-

Answer the following clues with words from this section.

  1. Draw a picture of an idea you hope to make
  2. A very large building which soldiers defend
  3. A sport which involves two people throwing each other to the ground.
  4. A place we are trying to protect by reducing car fumes, plastic usage and the burning of fossil fuels.
  5. Not the same as everyone/everything else.

Now think of 3 more words with silent letters in them and write a clue for them.

TT Rockstars

Get yourself online and challenge your friends in the Arena and keep building your X table knowledge. This is so important to any fractions, ratio and percentage work which we look at in Y6.



Please complete the reading comprehension paper that we sent home last week. I, personally, would do it in three chunks. For each of the three sections try to give yourself 20minutes. If you need longer then use extra time.

Following on from our journalistic report writing this last week or so, you could turn your hand to writing a report on something topical in the news. I know that one topic is currently dominating the headlines! You could look at its impact on schools, supermarkets, the Olympics, the Premier League or a different area completely.