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Lepton C.E. Primary Academy

Class 1



Mrs Hirst’s group-

Practise reading the common exception words: one, once, push, pull

nest, cost, task, thank, paint, sandwich, melting



Miss Wright/Mrs Daw’s group-

Practise reading and spelling the common exception words: one, once, push, pull

cold, cake, giant, magic, cent, nice, ginger

Rule: alternative pronunciations for the letter ‘c’ (cat, cent (c, s))

Teach the ‘magic e’ changing the c to a s sound if it appears after the c.

Mrs Minns’ group-


gnome, design, know, knew, wrong, write, wrap

Teach: alternative spelling for the letter ‘n’ as ‘gn




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Username: march20

Password: home


Play the game Obb and Bob.


Help the aliens to sort the words into real and nonsense words. If you think it is a real word; give it to Bob, if you think it is a nonsense word; give it to obb.


Mrs Hirst’s spelling group- start at phase 3

Mrs Daw’s Spelling group- start at phase 4

Mrs Minns spelling group- start at phase 5




Position and Direction


Use the positional language (between, next to, opposite, left, right) to decide where the shops should go.






Please visit TTRockstar’s and practise your times tables. https://ttrockstars.com



We have learnt lots of interesting things about the different seasons. Use this information to complete the matching activity.