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Lepton C.E. Primary Academy

Enquiry Led Learning

 What is Enquiry Led Learning ?


An enquiry is where the majority of subjects are taught through a single linked topic or theme. 


In the first step pupils are introduced to the topic. Collectively they produce questions (lines of enquiry), things they want to know and explore. The pupils will then be asked to think about activities they would like to do in each subject. Each enquiry will also explore links to the Christian values. The final step is a collective, real life project chosen by the pupils, using the skills and knowledge they have learnt.


 Below is an example of an enquiry that took place in Y4:


Enquiry   Topic   WWII  


Pupil lines of enquiry     

What is a blitz?  Why did it happen?  Were women allowed to fight?  when did it stop?


Activities chosen by pupils:   ration cooking, make an Anderson shelter, dress up in clothes from the 40's, learn about the fighter planes and tanks.

Examples of Learning that took place

Christian Values

Hope,  Faith and Service.


Letters home from evacuees, Leaflets explaining how to protect your home and what to do in an air raid, propaganda posters and ration book recipes.



Area perimeter problem solving and reasoning to create dig for victory plots, measuring length size for DT for model making, use weights and measures to follow and create recipes.


Reading and comprehension

Key facts and dates from WWII, ration books,  documents and posters. Fictional and nonfiction accounts from adults and children during the war.



Swing bands, rhythm & repeating phrases, wind instruments.


designing and model making Anderson Shelters and dig for victory plots. Building an actual shelter in the school woodland. 

Food tech

Designing and cooking a ration meal (Veg stew) using the ingredients from the school garden.


Electricity and circuits linked to the blackouts during the blitz. 



Key dates and events. Comparisons with today and the past. Identifying Allies Axis countries on a globe/map.

British values

The role of the Gurkhas and other ethnic groups of soldiers in the British army and it's allies.


Salvation / remembrance day service.


Real life outcomes

Y4 planned and delivered a special remembrance day service for older members of our community. This took place at St John's Church

Building an Anderson Shelter in the school woods.

Making a light up Christmas decoration with a circuit

Cooking ration stew from the school garden veg.

A WWII victory day street party. Pupils wore 1940's style clothes and ate food they prepared from ration books with guest invites to members of our local community.

Meeting with people within the village who lived through the war to hear about their experiences.