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Phonics Screening Check

The 2019 Phonics Screening Check will take place during the week commencing 10th June. If your child is away that week, then we can do the check up to Friday 21st June. If your child is not in school between the 10th and 21st June then they will have to retake the check when they are in year 2. Below is an information video we created last year for parents - please watch it for all the information about what the check entails. If you have questions about anything to do with the check please come and see me and I will be happy to answer them.



This week we have been learning about The Three Bill Goats Gruff. We designed bridges using spaghetti and play dough. They were tricky!

We have been looking at different Fairy Tales. We used porridge in our maths when we were looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears to help us with our measures. We also investigated which material would be best for the Three Bears's curtains.

We loved learning about the Chinese New Year - this year is the year of the Pig. He lost the race but has a lot of good qualities!

We have been following instructions in Literacy and we wrote our own instructions about how to make a Bean House. It's very interesting being able to see the seed grow out of the soil.

We also planted some bean and pea plants.

We have loved investigating flowers! Morrisons kindly donated a few bunches of flowers to us for our science investigations. Thank you Morrisons!! We cut them up and found out all sorts of interesting things.  Our classroom had a very strong smell!

Class 1 have been looking at art by the famous painter, Van Gogh. We interpreted the Sunflower painting and created our own.

Welcome back to a new Term!! This term our topic is called - Once Upon a Time. We will be learning about plants, nature and linking this to fairytales. We will be doing lots of investigating. 

The Great Fire of London!

Over the past 2 weeks Class 1 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We learned about the history and retold the events in Literacy. We learned about 2D and 3D shapes in maths and then created our own large scale box models of London. We had a fire talk from a member of the Fire Department and then we even had the Fire Service come in and SET FIRE to our London box models!!! 

Meeting someone from the Fire Service

Making our Box Models

London's burning, London's burning, Fetch the engine, Fetch the engine, FIRE FIRE, FIRE FIRE!....