Zoo lab

Zoo lab came into school to talk about minibeasts. The children handled minibeasts and small creatures. We all enjoyed it especially when the rat sat on our shoulder. Thank you also to Matt from Zoo lab for making it is informative and enjoyable.

U Can Shine

Shaun Weatherhead and Shaun Uman came into school to work with the children. All children took part in U Can Shine Motivational Day and listened to the instructions and took part in sports. The children had so much fun. Shaun said  "The children behaved impeccably, they worked brilliantly and their attitudes were a real credit to the teachers and the school"

Gill the Artist

 Gill, from creative creations, visited school to work with the children to create a mosiac. We talked about the clay and moulded and pulled it to create the desired outcome, We had lots of fun and can't wait to display our mosiacs outside. 

Police Visit.

The Police came to talk about how they help us. They brought Police equipment and vehicles, the children tried them on and explored the vehicles. Thank you to Mr and Mrs King (Teddy's mum and dad) for arranging this. This is what the children have said about what they have learnt:

Jemima said "In the back of the van they have a jail"

Oliver Sykes said " They put bad spray in robbers eyes so they can't see and then they can arrest them"

Lysander said "They have helmets to protect them from fire"

Grace said "Police use dogs and horses"

Aurelia said "They have blue lights so people know they are there and that moves traffic" 

Teddy said "The tazer is yellow and when you fire it then it freeze's your muscles, then the bad guy falls on the ground  and the Police can arrest them"

Summer "Sometimes the Police handcuff people with their hands behind their backs"


The children worked in pairs using the computers to create pictures of their homes. They were taught how to write short sentences using the caps lock, space bar and the full stop key. The children had to look carefully at the capital letters which was a bit tricky.

Here are some of our pictures.

Outdoor Learning

The children enjoyed outdoor learning this term and this is what they have enjoyed. 

Charlie said " I like digging and looking for insects"

James said " I liked toasting marshmallows"

Jessica said " I liked doing a leaf printing"

Phoebe said " I liked finding bugs"

Niran said " I liked looking for mini-beasts and planting seeds"



Stay and Play

Early Years had another successful "Stay and Play". The parents looked at their children's books to celebrate the journey the children have travelled on and the progress they have made. Our activities were based on the Royal wedding. All children and parents had a buffet outside. We had cucumber sandwiches, scones, cakes, strawberries and other snacks. Thank you to all the parents for making our day so memorable. A special thank-you to Lacey's dad and Bakewell's bakery for providing the delicious cream scones.


                                                                                                                                     Baker Visit.

Lacey's dad came in to talk to the children about working in a bakery. The children asked lots of questions and had a lovely time learning about what a baker does. Thank you to Mr Taylor for giving up your time to come into school. This is what the children said:

Ozzie said " He bakes cookies at Easter".

Oliver Sykes asked; "Do you work at night-time too?" "I start work at 2am" said Mr Taylor.

Niran asked, "Do you make cup cakes too?" "We make chocolate and raspberry cup cakes".





Postman Visit.

Jordan's dad, Mr Shaw, visited school today and talked about his job as a postman. The children asked questions to find out more about his job. We learn more when we ask questions. This is what they said.

Imogen said "I have learnt they used to wear a blue uniform before a red one"

Summer said "Postmen have waterproof clothes so they don't get wet"

Ozzie said "I have learnt that there are blue and red stamps"

Oliver asked "Can you post letters to South America?

Lysander said "He has to check the address on the letter before he posts it"

Lily said "I didn't know Jordan's dad wore the crown on his uniform for the Queen"

Thank you to Mr Shaw for teaching us about what it is like to be a Postman.



Grayson brought in a pottery lizard that he had made at the weekend. Well done Grayson, it looks fantastic.

Learning Numbers

Nathan has been enjoying writing his numbers this week.

Outdoor Learning.

This week the children have been enjoying looking for mini beast's in their natural habitats.

Lysander has been learning how to play the violin in school, he showed the class what he has learnt so far.

The children enjoyed learning our new song for the celebration assembly, we hope you like it.

Life Cycle of a Pigeon

Charlie's dad came into school to show us the pigeons. We have been looking at the life cycle of a pigeon. Charlie's dad let the pigeon fly home and released it from our Early Years playground.

Writing a Poem

Lexie and Lysander wrote a poem too. Lexie won the poetry competition. Well done Lexie!

Colour Mixing

We have been colour mixing and making colours lighter and darker by adding white and black.


We have been exercising in the hall and tried out different circuits. We talked about the effect exercise has on our bodies.

World Book Day 2018

The children celebrated World Book day and talked about their favourite character. we shared lots of stories.

We wrote poems and wrote our own books and illustrated them.

The Chick's

The children have really enjoyed having the opportunity of handling and caring for the chicks. We have enjoyed watching them grow and experiencing the life cycle of a hen.

Jemima's Poem

Jemima enjoys school so much that she has written a poem about her school day. Well done Jemima! 

Can you write a poem and bring it into school?

Wednesday 28th February-Nothing happened with our eggs yesterday but today something exciting has happened!

"We were looking at the eggs and we heard the cheeping. The chick rolled the egg. We saw the eggs move, we think it will crack and then it will turn into a rooster. We thought when it rolled it would smash the glass." Pictures and report by Ozzie Richardson and Teddy King

Living EggsOur chicks have arrived!

Monday 26th February 2018-Today our chicks arrived and we talked about how to take care of the eggs as the chicks grow.

"Don't tap the eggs because they won't grow." Picture by Annie Southwell. Report by Aurelia Currie.

Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed learning about Chinese culture and traditions. We all tasted Chinese food and used chopsticks to eat with.

Pancake Day

The children enjoyed tasting pancakes and listening to stories about Lent. We talked about healthy toppings. Early years were lucky enough to win Morrison's Waterloo Community Champion prize. Thank you to Mrs Austin who donated the pancake toppings to early years and of course to Morrison's supermarket.

Visit from the Vets

Calder vets came in to talk to the children about how they look after pets. The children listened carefully and asked questions. We enjoyed our morning.

Caring for living creatures

As part of our topic on Growth and change we talked about the importance of caring for all living creatures. Some of the children brought their pets in and talked how we care for them. God created all living things and we need to care for animals and handle them carefully.


We use the apparatus to travel in different ways. We used the balance beam, listened to instructions and talked about the effect exercise has on our bodies.

Stay and Play January 2018

We opened our Early Years Unit and welcomed parents and grandparents to another Stay and Play morning. The children celebrated there success's by showcasing their books, sharing with parents. The children also completed some simple activities too. We had lots of fun.


We looked at the changes in the weather. We collected the snow and watched it melt.

       Vegetable Soup.

We made vegetable soup. We are thankful to God for all the fruit and vegetables that grow in our world. The Children used knives to cut the vegetables. We talked about the different shapes and sizes of the vegetables and all the children knew that vegetables grow in the ground.

Our Special visitor

Santa and two of his elves came into School to visit us on Wednesday and we each got a present. A big thank you to the PTA for organising this.

Visit from Vicar Val Wednesday 20th December 2017

Vicar Val came into School to talk to us about the Christmas story and why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas dinner Tuesday 19th December 2017

Church Visit Tuesday 19th December 2017

We had a lovely morning at church with the whole School for our Christmas service. The children sang Christmas carols and listened to the Christmas story.

Christmas art day Monday 18th December 2017

The whole school took part in a Christmas craft morning around school. Each class had a different Christmas craft activity for children to take part.

Christmas jumper day

Outdoor learning

To finish off our half term of outdoor learning we toasted marshmallows with Phil. It was lots of fun!!

Our Early Years Nativity!

All of the children in Nursery and Reception took part in the nativity called 'Its a baby!'

The children performed to the rest of the children and staff in school and then again to their families.

We are very proud of all of the children for standing on stage and performing.

Stay and Play November 2017

Big thank you for joining us at our stay and play morning. Below are some of the lovely comments we received.

"I love coming to Stay and Play. I love how excited Scarlett gets showing me around her classroom and outdoor learning area. It has been really well organised, lots of different ideas and areas to explore. I really appreciate all the time and hard work you have all put in to making into such a great morning. Thank you." Sarah Lander

"A lovely morning spent in school with James. It is lovely to see him so confident and happy with his friends. I also like being able to see his books to see the progress he is making." Cath Jagger

"The morning has been really good and informative. Brilliant to look through his books and be able to speak to his teachers in depth. Also really nice to see the activities that help development and join in. Thanks for a lovely morning." Sarah


On Monday Mrs Scott came in to talk to the children all about Thanksgiving. She read them a story to explain what Thanksgiving is all about and why people celebrate it. All the children made pumpkin cookies and wrote a sentence about what they were thankful for.


Children in Need

We celebrated children in need today and talked about why we donate money and what it means to be a child in need. All of the children dressed up and we completed to some activities.

Here is what the children say about why we raise money...

"Maybe they don't have much food" - Imogen

"They might poorly" - Lysander

"To make them happy" - Ozzie

"Because they don't have enough stuff so we help them" - Reuben

"We are getting buns to help give them money" - Teddy
"so we can celebrate children in need who might need food and new homes" - Aurelia

"we give money" - Jordan

Year 6 Buddies

Year 6 buddies visit the reception children on a Friday afternoon. The children go into pairs and read together, the year 6 pupils enjoy being super role models and using their reading skills to share different types of books with the children.

Army visit

The soldiers came into talk about the important job that they do. They also reminded the children why we wear poppies and showed the children some of the equipment they use. 


One of our parents kindly brought in some grasshoppers into reception. We found out about grasshoppers, what they like and how we look after them. We talked about where grasshoppers would like to live and decided that the forest would be a good place to release them. 

We enjoy outdoor learning with Phil. This week we looked at the different trees in our forest area, learnt their names and talked about the different shaped leaves.  


We made diva lamps for Diwali. We talked about Diwali and how it is celebrated. We read the story of Rama and Sita. We enjoyed moulding and shaping the clay to create our lamps.


We made bread. We looked at the changes in the dough. We talked about Harvest and how bread is made. We talked about how the dough felt.

The Reception children enjoy their school lunches and are making healthy choices.

Reception class September 2017