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Class 6

Blood Smoothies!

In Science, we have been learning about the different properties in our blood, or what makes up our blood.

To demonstrate this, Mr Revell allowed us to make our own blood smoothies!

We used pineapple juice as plasma, strawberries and raspberries as red blood cells, sprinkles were capillaries and marshmallows represented white blood cells.

It sounds disgusting, but they were delicious!!

Sporty Maths!!

Unusually, we spent our maths lesson practising athletics!!

To help our understanding of converting units of measure, we left the classroom and worked on perfecting our triple jump, javelin and ball bouncing skills! We recorded each other's distances and timed scores and then converted them into different units of measure.


We attended a 2 day residential visit to Robinwood in Todmorden. Sleeping away from home on our first residential was really exciting. There were many new and exciting activities to try such as the zip line, giant swing, piranha pool, caving, rock climbing, canoeing and raft building. It was really good to work with different children, and our instructors made it a really challenging, yet fun, weekend. We all learnt a new skill, or overcame a fear. Robinwood is a fantastic experience!

Remembrance Day

To mark the 100th anniversary of World War One ending, we created artwork and a poppy wreath to take to Lepton Methodist Church for their remembrance display.  At the church, we learned all about food rationing during the war and why it is so important to remember people lost during battle.

Reverend Sue also organised a biscuit and a sing song to end the afternoon with. We had a lovely afternoon with members of the church, and with our Reception Class buddies. 

Topic Sharing Day

 We have all been working hard learning about the inspirational people behind our class identities.  So that everyone in school could share their fantastic work, we had a topic sharing day where we visited each other's classrooms to take a look at what everyone has been up to. It was a great morning!

Class 6 John Lennon!

This year, the classes are all named after an inspirational person. Year 6 are John Lennon.

They have spent the first two weeks of term learning all about Lennon. They have listened to some of his music as a member of one of the most famous bands of all times; The Beatles. In addition, they have researched Lennon's life story to help them write their own biography of this musical legend.

Below are the children's Andy Warhol inspired pictures based on John Lennon and The Beatles.

Class 6 Virtual Tour