Class 5

Children In Need

As a school we supported Children In Need by the children designing, setting up and running their own stalls for all the school to come and look at. It was a huge success and we raised a lot of money for a fantastic cause. All the children showed so much team work and enthusiasm and made it an enjoyable day for all.

We also looked at different charities and organisations that the money raised goes towards helping. 

Music lesson

On Wednesday afternoon, we have a music lesson which is taught by Miss Cherryhome. The instrument is a clarinet and it is quite a hard instrument to play. We have learnt how to put it together independently  and play some notes such as E and G.

Space artwork

As part of our space topic, we have created space inspired artwork. To create the background, we splattered white paint onto the black paper. We then created our own pastel planets and arranged them to look like the solar system.

First aid training

We spent Tuesday morning in the hall learning how to do life saving skills  such as CPR and chest compressions we also learnt how to use an AED also known as a defibulator and then we learnt how to do mouth to mouth on a dummy.


Space homework

Take a look at our awesome space homework that some children in the class have done. Well done for taking your learning home.

Christian values hands 

In Class 5 our christian values are Service and Wisdom. We created our own individual hand art work to represent our values

Moon phases 

We really enjoyed learning hands on about the different moon phases, using Oreo biscuits. We even got to eat one afterwards  

Asian Art display 

As a class we each designed a different part of an Indian elephant and then put it together to create a master piece.

Journey Around the world

The whole school took part in a cultural day and Class 5 enjoyed travelling the world to find out about each Continent.