Class 5


On Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of July 2018 KS2 took part in this years school production (Annie).

One of the pupils that was watching (Charlotte) quoted "I found this years production amazing!"

One of the cast members (Eva, who played Annie ) mentioned "This years production  was an amazing success also, it was a lot of fun."

By Amber, Charlotte and Eva. 


Lepton woods( den building)

On  Tuesday 17th July , class five and six will take part in den building activities in lepton woods. The children need to wear suitable clothing and footwear for this activity. We have our leavers church service at 9am at St John's church. We will walk the children to the woods after the service. The children must come to the church dressed in there den building clothes.

Children need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle in a ruck- sack although packed- lunches will be provided for children who are free school meals and who normally have school diners.

All photos of the day will be on our page. if you have any queries about the day Please feel free to come and ask Mrs Land or any other members of staff in class 5.

By Freya Woodhouse , Joshua Curtis and Amber 


Sports day!

A great achievement for FALCONS! Monday 25th June 2018 we had our schools sports day and it was a great success thanks to the sports crew, Mr Revell Mr Burns, PTA and parents/cares. After a full afternoon of sports it came down to the winners . Falcons first win in awhile. Yr 5's Falcons are extremely proud and want to win again next year.

By Amber, Freya and Joshua C

Rick Fox's P.E sessions

Every Tuesday Rick Fox has been coming in to teach us all different types of athletics like javelin, running relays, field runs and lots more. Thomas said that," I learnt lots from this experience such as how to throw a javelin really far (16m) and how to pass a baton really quickly!" Class 5 learnt lots from this experience and hope he can come back next term to learn a lot more.

By Amber and Joshua C

Egyptian necklaces

In class 5's Egyptian topic we made necklaces out of pasta to understand what the wealthy Egyptians wore. Sam claimed that," I really enjoyed knowing what the rich Egyptians wore".  By Amber and Joshua   

Wheel chair bench ball

 To have a better understanding on a disabled person we tried to play the well known sport of bench ball by having to do it in a wheelchair. Emily in class five said," It was quite challenging because you couldn't stand up so it made it harder to throw the ball."

By Joshua Curtis, Amber and Freya.

Mummifying a tomato

As part of class 5's topic work we mummified a tomato to get a better understanding of what it would be like to actually mummify a real person or an animal. These are what some of the children said :" It was fun and interesting to see how the mummifying process worked!"- Joshua Curtis

By Freya, Joshua Curtis and Amber


As part of our school reading diary scheme these three  children have achieved the goal for  the school. The aim was to read 360 times to complete 12 certificates. This is what the children said:

WOW I can hardly believe it. In September I thought I would never get this far! - Eva Henman

I'm so proud of my self. I'd never of thought I'd achieve this level on my 12 certificate and receive my book voucher -Freya Woodhouse

I set a goal on how many certificates I could achieve and WOW! I absolutely smashed it - Catherine Taylor

By Amber Kelly

Velodrome visit

 It was an early start for class5, we had to arrive at school by 7.15am to set off by coach at 7.30am to the Velodrome in Manchester, where we had a fun day full of activities on BMX bikes and Track bikes used at the Velodrome.

By Amber and Freya

Class 5 Fire safety talk

Huddersfield fire fighters came in to talk and show us how to be safe in the presence of a fire and car safety. Class 5 learnt about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and how to escape out of the house if the smoke alarm went off

Around the world in a day

Thursday 24th may 2018

As part of  Class 5's topic work, we have been working on stalls from around the world and showed our work to the whole school . These were the comments from the classes:

Wow the food and effort is outstanding-Harris Y4

This is outstanding-Theo Y3

Everything is so thought through- Callum Y2

Looking at all the hard work- Lincoln Y5

The reaction when they saw my stall was fantastic -Jack Y5

Clarinet performance!

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Since September class 5  have been learning to play the clarinets  with Miss  Cherryholme our  music teacher. We had an opportunity to perform pieces of music called Hot and Cross, Beeline and Getting going. We also sang a song  together to the whole school  called Rock star!!!!  When we had finished the school all joined in with the song!

By Amber Kelly and  Freya Woodhouse!


We have related our P4C lesson to our topic work on Kensuke's Kingdom.

Our question was "Is it ever a good idea to take a child out of school ? "

Learning is living life's experience - Amber Kelly

There are some things that you can't learn out of school - Evie Mellor

You need to be in the classroom to learn about connectives and punctuation - Karesha Gossal

Kensuki's Kingdom Artwork

As part of class 5's topic work, we are learning about Michael's adventures all around the world. We have created a piece of artwork using pastels and  silhouettes of Michael and his beloved dog Stella.

By Amber and Freya 

Class 5 Rugby Club

Jack, Sam, Alex and Alfie from Class 5 have set up a new Rugby Club!

The club runs on a Thursday lunchtime and different classes are invited to join them every week.

The boys are teaching the younger children various rugby skills and finish up with a game.

The reception children loved the club and want to do it every week.

Next week is the turn of Year 1 to have a try at playing Rugby.  

Greek Day


Class 5 dressed up in Ancient Greek outfits and cooked a Greek meal to round the topic off. The meal consisted of a Greek salad with Tzatziki dip, carrots and pitta breads, Moussaka, fruit kebabs drizzled with chocolate and baklava. Every child had a go at cooking/ preparing something for the feast. In the afternoon the class learnt a Greek dance and performed it for each other. 

Freya- " I really enjoyed the meet and great in the morning in the hall, looking at what the other children were wearing."

Nathaniel -"I enjoyed eating the food because you could have a chance to taste different foods from Greece"



As part of our getting active for sport relief, Errol came in to school to work with each class on quick intense work outs. the different areas consisted of trampolines, rowing machines, hurdles, relay and a timed light chaser.

World book day

After the first world book day date got cancelled due to the snow, the children were excited to finally be able to dress up as their favourite book character. Class 5 and the school council organised and helped to run two different key stage quizzes, the day was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all. 

Olympic head wreaths

We designed and created our own Olympic head wreaths like ones that would have been worn at the Olympics in Ancient Greece.


Community Church Visit 

Class 5 attended the church to help a group of ladies keep refreshed whilst completing their knitting. The children helped to make and serve tea and coffee and then were given the chance to talk with them and learn about knitting. 

 "The ladies meet on a Thursday after a service in church and finish their knitting" - Eva Southwell

 "I was excited because I like to knit at home too" - Tegan Hoyle

Medusa screen plays  

Class 5 split into two groups to learn a Medusa screen play, they spent a lot of time rehearsing and then went out into the woods to have it filmed so that the rest of the class could watch it.  

Art Club

Some of our Class 5 students have set up an art club which runs on a Monday Lunch time which allows different children to come and practice their art skills. So far this term it has been Class 1 who have attend and have been sensational. Some of the art projects they have completed are: a beach sunset, imagination shapes and clothes designing. 

Medusa masks 

As part of our Ancient Greek topic class 5 have created some sketches of Medusa masks and then moved on to creating life sized Mod Rock masks. The children used a balloon as the underlying structure and built up a layer of Mod Rock , after letting it dry we added snakes and paint to create the finished "scary" Medusa masks. These masks will then be used when performing our play scripts to the rest of the class.

Greek Gods

As part of our topic we created these Gods. We used cardboard, scissors, pencils and a lot of hard work. We drew around one of our class mates to create the shape.  Then we used paint and other resources to decorate them and create our masterpieces. We have made Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Hestia and Hera.

Christmas jumper day

On Friday 15th December 2017 we came to school dressed in Christmas  jumpers or festive T-shirts and donated £1 to Save the Children charity.

Space exhibition

On Friday 15th December 2017 Class 5 invited their parents into school to share with them all the hard work the children had put into such a mind blowing topic.

We learnt an out of this world piece of music, which all the children had a part in amazed all the parents who came to watch.

During our space topic, Class 5 have learnt about lots, such as:

  • Made models
  • Various artwork of planets and constellations
  • Moon phases
  • Constellations
  • Learnt about Tim Peake
  • Space power points
  • Designed astronauts


Nathaniel – “ The space topic has taught me a lot of facts and I’m very amazed about how much you can learn about outer space.”


Catherine- “ I loved making the moon phases out of Oreo cookies, I learnt that if the light was on the right side of the moon it was waxing and if it was on the left it was waning moon.”

Jodrell Bank Trip

Friday 24th November saw Class 5 set off on their trip to Jodrell bank in Macclesfield. Every single child was a credit to the school, they were extremely well behaved, fully engaged and asked some inquisitive questions. 

We spent time exploring the Planetarium, learning about the constellations and the solar system, outside we had fun using the whispering dishes and spent time in the space pavilion finding out fascinating facts. Also we took part in the Tim Peake experience, where we did experiments to find out how hard it is to exercise, to keep hydrated and carry out tasks in space. Finally we were shown an experiment of how the rocket engines work. 

Ruby- "it was amazing and we did lots of experiences and it was a very educational trip for the whole class."

Thomas-  "I really liked the telescope because I didn't expect it to be that big"

Alex -" the most interesting fact that i found out was that inside the dish of the telescope you could fit 153 billion coco pops inside it"

Freya - " I enjoyed the experiment about the rocket"

Alfie -" I liked seeing the 3rd biggest telescope in the world."

Nathaniel- " The radio telescope can see things in space day or night. "

Esther- "The telescope was bigger than our house, inside of the dome you could learn about the stars and the planets."

Jayda - "i enjoyed the planetarium because it showed me the stars and the moon on different days."

Children In Need

As a school we supported Children In Need by the children designing, setting up and running their own stalls for all the school to come and look at. It was a huge success and we raised a lot of money for a fantastic cause. All the children showed so much team work and enthusiasm and made it an enjoyable day for all.

We also looked at different charities and organisations that the money raised goes towards helping. 

Music lesson

On Wednesday afternoon, we have a music lesson which is taught by Miss Cherryhome. The instrument is a clarinet and it is quite a hard instrument to play. We have learnt how to put it together independently  and play some notes such as E and G.

Space artwork

As part of our space topic, we have created space inspired artwork. To create the background, we splattered white paint onto the black paper. We then created our own pastel planets and arranged them to look like the solar system.

First aid training

We spent Tuesday morning in the hall learning how to do life saving skills  such as CPR and chest compressions we also learnt how to use an AED also known as a defibulator and then we learnt how to do mouth to mouth on a dummy.


Space homework

Take a look at our awesome space homework that some children in the class have done. Well done for taking your learning home.

Christian values hands 

In Class 5 our christian values are Service and Wisdom. We created our own individual hand art work to represent our values

Moon phases 

We really enjoyed learning hands on about the different moon phases, using Oreo biscuits. We even got to eat one afterwards  

Asian Art display 

As a class we each designed a different part of an Indian elephant and then put it together to create a master piece.

Journey Around the world

The whole school took part in a cultural day and Class 5 enjoyed travelling the world to find out about each Continent.