Class 4

Evacuation Day

Wednesday 15th November was the day we were all evacuated to the countryside. We waved goodbye to our parents before coming into our ‘new’ school. Our school day was very different to what we were used to.

Mrs Bray was very strict and insists we have a hand inspection to check we are clean and tidy. Now we sit in table rows and have to be very, very quiet. We practise chalk and talk from the board and then have drill practice in the playground.

It was such fun to dress up and pretend to be an evacuee.


Remembrance Day

To help us understand the significance of Remembrance Day, we made our second visit to Valley View Care Home on Wednesday 8th November.

We were excited to be able to deliver our completed poppy wreath and individual poppies to the residents, which they had so carefully helped us make the previous week.

As part of the celebrations, we sang to the residents many familiar songs to them, including Keep the Home Fires Burning, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary and On a Bicycle Made for Two. A wonderful afternoon was had by all and many of the residents joined in with the singing!


Visit to Valley View Care Home

On Wednesday 1st November, Class 4 visited Valley View Care Home. We made felt poppies with the residents. The children and residents had a lovely afternoon, the residents particularly enjoyed getting to know the children. Before leaving, the children sang some songs they had been learning from the World War Two era.

Year 4 Visit to Eden Camp

We visited the World War Two museum in North Yorkshire. We had lots of exciting experiences, such as walking through a blitz, seeing what a real life street would have been like during the war and experiencing a prisoner of war camp!

Outdoor Learning

As part of our World War 2 topic, we have being learning about the different types of air raid shelters used during the bombings. We have built our own Anderson shelter during our outdoor learning lessons.

We are Class 4 South America!!

Our class identity this year is South America. To help us learn more about who we are, we have produced various pieces of artwork that celebrate South America.

Take a look at our South American flags and wildlife!