Class 3... Africa!

Class 3 made and decorated Roman helmets for our topic. Here are a few chosen ones to look through.

World Book Day!

In Science we have been working in teams to investigate properties of different rocks and naming them.


We are very proud of our Roman coins!

We have been busy using role play this week! We have been acting out the story of Noah's ark! 

We have been designing and creating our own Roman shields this week. Do you think they look like our design plans? 

Outdoor Learning

We have been using our compass to set lines at different angles. We were making shapes using the string and pegs! All this was done using the directions north, south, east and west.

Santa came to visit Class 3!!! Thank you to our lovely PTA team. 

We had a lovely time visiting Valley View and singing carols to the residents... The children really  enjoyed spreading some festive cheer and eating their cake!

We have been learning about the artist Henry Moore. We had a go at making our own sculptures- please ask us about them!

Healthy eating in year 3! Smoothie making fun!

Stone Age Pottery. 

We really enjoyed getting our hands dirty with clay! We each made pottery that we thought would have been useful in the Stone Age times.

Thanksgiving in Class 3.

We had a great day with Mrs Minns- we really enjoyed our thanksgiving baking! 

We have been thinking lots about Children in Need today. We created a range of games and had lots of fun playing these. We then had a go at these games without our sight, hearing or full movement. We were trying to experience what life is like doing everyday tasks with a disability. 

We had lots of fun learning about exercise and healthy eating with Sam. We are going to be learning archery over the next few weeks!

We have loved creating our own Stone Age cave paintings. The children each created their own designs based on our research.  We discovered that they drew hunters, animals and hand prints. 

Class 3 had lots of fun creating our own Stone Age inspired cave paintings outside. 

We have been very busy in class three this week. We have been creating our own Stone Age houses. We designed them in groups and we were responsible for bringing in all of the resources. We showed great team work! 

We had such a wonderful time at Yorkshire Water. We learnt all about the water cycle and how we can be water savers NOT water wasters! We also looked at other countries who don't have access to clean water like we do. 

Class 3 have been very busy this week. We have had our road safety training. We now know how to cross the road correctly and how to stay safe. 

We have been reading the creation story in R.E this week. We decided to go and explore our wonderful world and some of God's creations. These are some of our favourite photographs. What a wonderful world we live in!

We had so much fun learning about the seven continents. We really enjoyed discovering what the other classes had been learning.