Class 2

Outdoor learning

In our outdoor learning this half term we have been making a working drawbridge and portcullis in teams. The children have used a variety of skills to successfully create this structure. The children needed to use a hammer, screws, scissors, measuring techniques, painting skills and of course lots of team work. Even though our last lesson was a very wet one all the children were enthusiastic about the mud!!!  

Bollywood Dancing

Class 2 loved practicing their Bollywood moves to be able to perform them to the rest of the school.


York castle Museum Trip

Class 2 went on their trip to York Castle Museum trip, we all had a very early start to the day but were fantastic throughout the whole day. Firstly we all had a workshop to do where we got to try on different replica helmets, experience the smells of castle life and also explore some artifacts from the castle. Afterwards we explored the different parts of the museum such as the prison cells, the cobbled Victorian streets  and the castle court yard.  It was such a fantastic trip well done class 2 for your excellent behavior and for making the trip so enjoyable.  

A massive well done to all our amazing children in class 2 who have done an absolutely fantastic job on their SATS.

Miss Jillott and Mrs Denby are super proud of you all.

As a well done we had a brain break day where we had lots of fun with our toys from home and some juicy lolly pops.

Enjoy your holiday and have a super time relaxing.

Designing and making castles

following on from learning all about castles, we decided to design and build our own models. Thank you to all the parents who sent in boxes to help with this exciting project.


Knights and Castles

As part of Year 2's travel through time topic, this weeks stop was at a castle.

The children have done lots of research on the laptops and from books. The children have discovered lots of interesting facts about castles and knights. 

The children designed their own castle using 2d shapes to form the out line and then became very artistic and designed a second castle freehand.

They all look fantastic!


We have been very practical in our maths lessons learning about measurement. 

We measured the length of lots of different objects around the classroom. 

Sharing learning with Year 4


We have been lucky enough to learn some facts about the Rainforest, Year 4 have been sharing what they have learnt this half term.

We were also very lucky to have tried the buns and biscuits that they had made using Rainforest fruits and chocolate.

They were delicious!!


Roald Dahl

To welcome us back to school after the summer holidays we focused on Roald Dahl's'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me'. To celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday our class dressed up as characters out of our chosen book. All the children and staff looked fantastic.

Giraffe Collages

During Art lessons Class 2 created some fantastic Giraffe collages in small groups. Each group showed good team work making desicions together and ensuring everyone got a turn. The final products look fantastic and have been put up on display.

Music Lesson

Kirklees Music School have started coming in to Class 2 to teach Recorders on a Tuesday afternoon after their Junior Jam session . The children are enjoying it so much and I think we have some budding musicians within the class. 

Pastel Rainbows

In Class 2 we have started our weather topic and so in our art lesson we have introduced pastels to the children. We had a fun lesson learning about blending using our fingers and all the children concentrated extremely hard to ensure they produced the best rainbow they possibly could. Everybody's final picture were fantastic.

Miss Jillott, Miss Parkin and Miss Thornton are super proud, well done. Keep up the hard work!


Our Literacy sessions focused on learning how to use conjunctions to join sentences to make the best possible sentence. The childrens ideas for the sentences came from their knowledge of weather and the Seasons. Some fantastic sentences, well done Class 2.

Weather song

Our topic in Class 2 at the moment is Weather and we have been looking at the different seasons of the year and different extreme weathers.

We used different parts of our bodies to create a "Storm song ". The children worked in groups to decide on the different noises they might hear in a storm. 

Weather Forecasts 

As part of our weather topic Class 2 have been watching weather forecasts and have tried to predict the weather themselves. We then enjoyed reporting the weather back to the class and being filmed just like real weather reporters.


Look at some of the fabulous learning from home that Class 2 have completed and brought it. It is great to see the children using their own time to further their learning. Keep up the good work. 

What we have enjoyed in Class 2 this half term

We have asked the children what they have enjoyed the most about their first half term in Class 2, here are some of their answers.

Oscar M - "I have enjoyed literacy and maths because if I got something wrong I can learn from it"

Olivia - " I like the teachers and maths and literacy in class 2"

Mason Green - "I liked the rainbow and colouring it in."

Alice - " The computers are fun playing literacy and maths games"

Max - " I liked doing learning about Roald Dahl and writing about Roald Dahl"

Have a fab half term holiday everyone and see you in a week and we hope you bring back those fabulous learning brains. 

Rain Gauge

Welcome back Class 2. Miss Jillott, Miss Parkin and Miss Thornton are glad to see we have come back to school with great learning brains. 

This week as part of our Weather topic we have been making some Rain Gauges so that we can measure the amount of rain fall there is over a set time. The children had to work in pairs on making the Rain Gauge and then they had to decide together where would be the best place put it in order to catch the most water.

Firework poems 

The children have been working in small groups to learn sections of poems about fireworks. The children decided who was going to say each part and if they were going to add any actions in to their poems. After some practice we brought it all together and made two fantastic poems. 

Outdoor learning 

These are some pictures from our outdoor learning last term, where we designed and made bird boxes. The children used a variety of different skills and tools. It was lots of fun in the cold.

Maths on the netbooks

The children have been developing their ICT skills using the netbooks to access Espresso and use their knowledge learnt from maths lessons in the week. 


We have been discussing choices in our R.E lessons and talking about the consequences to those choices, be them right or wrong. In teams the children role played their knowledge of right and wrong choices 


This week the children have been researching all about Penguins, finding out fun facts on their own and also in pairs. The children then got into teams of four to create a fact page containing all the information they have learnt about Penguins. They then confidently presented it back to their classmates.

World Book Day

We all enjoyed dressing up as our favorite literary characters from some amazing books. The children loved the book quiz that was created by the school council for the whole school to enjoy.

Andy Tooze

Poet Andy Tooze came to run some workshops around school with each class.

Class 2 focused on writing poems about the outdoors, which were all fantastic.

Andy chose 4 that he wanted the children to read out in assembly in front of the whole school.

Well done to Alex, Emily, Alice and Zach for sharing your poem. The whole class also performed a poem for the school.

I definitely think we have some budding Poets in the class!

Coding lesson 

The children have been learning about coding and how to input data on to the computer to make it run a sequence.

Millie- " I liked making the wizard chase the princess and also disappear"

Annalise- "I liked moving the different buttons to make the characters do things"

Henry - "I liked making the people do really cool stuff"

Alistair- " I like doing coding because I like to make the characters move around"


Recorder Lesson 

Our recorder sessions are starting to pay off now, the children try hard every week to learn the new songs and notes. 

Oscar M- " I like recorders because we get to learn new sounds"

Amalfi - " I like it when we get to have competitions between each table "

Ava J - " I like it when we play games"

Rowing and P.E session

Class 2 enjoyed our circuit P.E lesson and using the rowers to take part in the Rowing challenge.

Emily- " I liked trying to get a high score"

Kyron- " I liked stepping up on to the bench, it was hard"

Making Habitats

In class 2 we have been learning all about different types of Habitats, we went outside to build some of our own habitats for the wildlife around us.

Lexi B " I enjoyed collecting everything to go in the habitats"

Benjamin " I liked making the Bird nest habitat the best"