Class 2 - Antarctica



We have been using Pizza to help us to understand fractions. We have been sharing into halves and quarters!

It made us all feel very hungry!

We have used our thoughts and feelings to create Graffiti Art for our reflection area.

We came up with some questions to think about whilst children are in that area.

Tennis lessons with Tim

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Santa came to visit Class 2

It's Party Time!!!!

Making crispy Christmas puddings....

Christmas dinner......

Christmas craft morning....

We have loved learning to play the Recorder this term.

This is us performing our favourite piece 'Walking Talking Robot'.

Making stockings to hang on our fireplace!

Outdoor Learning

We have loved Outdoor Learning this half term......although it has been very, very cold!!!

It was our last session last week and we had a very special treat!

We toasted our own marshmallows on the fire and made Smores......Yum!


In our PE lessons we have been learning how to Box.

We have learnt how to jab, cross and uppercut!!

We have lost of fun and really enjoy Boxercise.

Image result for children in need 2017

For Children in Need this year we have been learning about how we can support people less fortunate than ourselves.

We tried to play the drums with a Pudsey mask on so we could understand what it would be like for a blind person to play a musical instrument.

After this we tucked one arm in our jumpers and we tried to tie our shoe laces with one arm. Callum and Charlie worked as a team to achieve this goal.

Finally we played a game called 'Boccia' its like bowls, again we had to do this with one hand and found it very difficult.

This helped us to understand how life can be challenging when a person has a disability.

In the afternoon we visited the Children in Need market in the hall and had lots of fun!! 

George - Spotacular day is when we donate money to Children in Need.

Reuben R - We played African drums with Pudsey Bear masks on so we could not see. We then tried bowling with only one arm. We raised lots of money today!

Riley - We show compassion at Children in Need day by giving money to help others.

Oona - We played the drums with blindfolds on, it was fun!!

Leia - Be kind, be generous, respect for charities and raise money for Children in Need.

Ruben P - I had a fantastic time!!

Outdoor learning

We are loving Outdoor learning as we are learning about natural materials

We have made coat zippers out of wool, bricks out of mud and clay and we are weaving willow circles.


This week we have been learning about the use of conjunctions to join two sentences together.

We wrote sentences that made sense on their own then with a partner we tried to join the sentences together using the conjunctions we had learnt.

We had lots of fun swapping sentence with our friends.

This week in our Maths learning we have been looking at division.

To help us to understand this, we have been dividing the class up into groups to help us with our sharing.

Recorder lessons

This year we are learning to play the recorder in our music lessons with Mrs Greenwell.

Incarnation Learning walk

As a class we read the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible. We began with the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary up and finished up with the Shepherds visiting Jesus in his Manger. At each part of the story the children moved around the school and the playground to follow the journey Mary and Joseph went on. We discussed  at each stage what peoples thoughts and feelings might have been and how things are different for us now.

Kason "Mary was surprised about the Angel"

Sofie ""It was a long way to get to Bethlehem"

Callum "I think on they journey they were exhausted, and when the Angel came they would have been surprised but when Jesus was born everyone was happy."

Diwali Lamps

After learning about the story of Rama and Sita we decided to create some colourful Diwali lamps to join in with the celebration of light.  This helped us to remember that light helps us find our way,  like in the story when Rama and Sita returned to the kingdom.

Charlie " I learnt that Rama kept his promise"

Seth " It was very fun and its very important to remember Rama came back to the kingdom"

Taylor " I loved creating my lamp with bright colours and glitter"


Abbie Dewhurst - Look North Weather

On Tuesday 17th October we had a very special visitor in Class 2. Abbie Dewhurst came to visit and watch us presenting our own weather forecasts.

Abbie was so impressed by our weather forecasts and she had this to say:

I absolutely love the opportunity to get out of the studio and meet people around the region and, being a child at heart, visiting a primary school is always my favourite. The children at Lepton School were by far some of the loveliest I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They were polite, well behaved, enthusiastic and very welcoming, not to mention, amazing at presenting the weather! Thank you so much to the staff and children for making my visit so much fun, you're a credit to Yorkshire!

Our Harvest Festival Assembly

Prayers to God

Class 2 have looked at Christianity and our christian values which are Compassion and Justice.

We then looked at who we are thankful to and what for and from this we created some of our own prayers to God. 

Our finished Stained Glass Window, which looks amazing on a bright day with the sun streaming in.

Compassion hands

We designed our individual hands and then placed them together to create a circle of compassion and discussed how if we all work together we can help others.

Black History Month

As a class, we have looked at the famous Boxer Muhammed Ali and learnt about his life and achievements. We then created some pop art pictures using an image of Muhammed Ali.

The Four Seasons

This week we have been learning about the four seasons. Scarlett came up with the idea of splitting the room into 4 zones with an activity in each zone.

Miss Jillott and Mrs Coldwell made it happen and we had lots of fun!!

George - I enjoyed playing with playdough to make models from the summer scenes like Ice creams and a picnic.

Kaitlin - I learnt that a cloud holds the rain and when it is full it lets the rain out.

Emily - On Monday afternoon we were learning about the seasons. My favourite season was spring, we made rain in a cup and it was fun!

Charlie - The autumn was great because we coloured over a leaf to make a beautiful pattern.

Leia - We split the classroom into the four seasons and my favourite one was spring because we got to make a cloud.

Fisher - My favourite season was the winter because I loved writing about it.

Scarlett - When we did the autumn leaf printing it was brilliant. I loved the seasons afternoon.

Stained Glass Windows

This week we have been busy making coloured sheets for our stained glass windows.

We had lots of fun making them and we are looking forward to making patterns and designs with them on our classroom windows.


Continents sharing day

Class 2 enjoyed travelling around the world on Friday visiting the continents. We had our passports ready for our journey and we were ready for take off........... 

We loved visiting Australasia, Asia, South America, Africa and North America!!

Welcome to Class 2

Welcome everyone to Class 2, what an amazing year it is going to be. We are going to have so much fun and be the best Class 2 ever.